Cabinet climbdown on South Lakes fire station cuts welcomed as first-step


The decision by Cumbria County Council’s cabinet to partially reverse cuts to fire crewing in South Lakeland, have been welcomed as a first-step to safeguarding fire cover for the area.

Councillor James Airey, the county council’s Conservative group leader has been leading the campaign against the cuts and today (22 March) presented a petition to cabinet members before their U-turn decision.

Councillor James Airey said: “The partial reversal of the council’s reduction in full-time fire crewing in Ulverston, and new proposal to bring forward a full-time night-shift at Kendal fire station, would not have come about without the public support which our campaign received.

“We will continue to press the council to go the whole hog on their Ulverston U-turn and restore full-time fire cover at Ulverston fire station.”

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