Council called on to allow campaign group to explore all options on Grange Lido

South Lakes councillor James Airey is calling on South Lakeland District Council to provide a local campaign group with access to Grange Lido.

The Save Grange Lido group needs to be given entry to the site to conduct their own survey of the Art Deco landmark as part of their efforts to demonstrate the feasibility of restoring the Lido to its former glory.

Councillor Airey made his call following a meeting with the campaign group today (17 September).

Councillor James Airey said: “The Save Grange Lido group say they need access to the site to demonstrate the financially viability of returning the site to its former use.

“The Grange Lido is too important not to explore all available options and the council should assist in that aim by providing access for the campaign’s experts to gather the information they need.”

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