Gilpin Bridge roundabout campaign success for James Airey and Conservative team

Detailed plans for a new roundabout on the A590 at Gilpin Bridge are expected to go to public consultation later this year after district and county councillors met Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to lobby for the long-called-for scheme.

The group of local councillors have been working with Highways England to draw up a comprehensive plan for the new roundabout with A5074 near Levens and a range of safety improvements on the road from Brettargh Holt to Meathop.

Improvements to the A590 are central to creating an economic corridor that can support existing businesses and help attract new ones. The A590 economic corridor is the brainchild of councillor James Airey, the Conservative group leader on Cumbria County Council and Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Westmorland and Lonsdale.

Alongside the new roundabout, the team of councillors and highways officials have also been looking at measures to make the road safer including an upgrade to the existing underpass at Levens to provide better access for pedestrians, and improving the layout of the slip-roads linking the A590 with the A6.

Councillor James Airey said: “Resolving traffic bottlenecks and improving safety along the A590 will help bring more jobs and prosperity to our area by creating a thriving economic corridor that serves residents and businesses. A new roundabout at Gilpin Bridge is a key part of that vision. Following our positive meeting with the Transport Secretary we now expect Highways England to launch a formal public consultation on the plans in the next few months.”

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “James Airey and the local Conservative team have made a strong case for this scheme over a substantial period of time. They’ve clearly done a huge amount of work to get to this point and should be commended for their commitment.”

Bowness and Levens district councillor John Holmes said: “A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to come up with a list of shovel-ready proposals to improve this section of the A590. James Airey’s support and the steps he has taken to get the A590 on the national agenda has helped significantly.”

Lyth Valley county councillor Jim Bland said: “Putting a roundabout at the A5074 and Foulshaw Lane, near Gilpin Bridge, will dramatically improve this section of road and make it much safer than is currently the case.”

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