James Airey: Council’s plans for Cumbria on-street parking charges will be resisted

The leader of the Conservative group on Cumbria County Council has pledged to resist plans to introduce on-street parking charges in the county.

Councillor James Airey’s pledge follows news that the local authority is discussing plans to introduce charging four years after similar proposals were thrown out.

A petition has been set up calling on the council to abandon the idea.

Councillor James Airey said: “It’s staggering that Cumbria’s Labour and Lib Dem County Council is once again considering introducing a charge to park on streets in Cumbria.

“In 2014, the same administration was forced to scrap similar proposals after widespread public and business anger.

“At a time when the council should be supporting our towns and villages to flourish and helping to ease pressure on family budgets, it is instead discussing plans to whack Cumbrians with more expense. This would be wrong for Cumbria and why we will be joining together with communities to demand that the idea be scrapped again.”

People can sign the petition calling on the council to scrap plans to introduce on-street parking charges in Cumbria here.

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