James Airey slams council over latest Windermere Ferry disruption

Councillor James Airey has criticised Cumbria County Council’s decision to suspend the Windermere Ferry service for three weeks in March for a refit and inspection just five months after the service was re-started following an engine fire.

Councillor James Airey said: “This is a regular refit and inspection which should have been carried out as part of the work to restore the Ferry service after it was taken out of action for six months last year.

“The failure of our Labour and Lib Dem county council to schedule this work last year when the Ferry was crawling with engineers shows contempt for passengers and a blatant disregard for local businesses hoping to use next month and the start of the tourist season to begin making up for last year’s lost summer.

“People are rightly fed-up of hearing the council’s convoluted excuses and buck-passing to other organisations. The simple fact is that if they had got their act together, this latest disruption could have been avoided.”

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