James Airey Welcomes Northern Powerhouse Appointment

John Stevenson, Member of Parliament for Carlisle, has been appointed to chair a new Northern Powerhouse all-party Parliamentary Group, launched in the House of Commons today (Monday 27 November 2017).

The appointment followed a visit by George Osborne to Carlisle last Friday.

Mr Stevenson will co-chair the group with three colleagues: Caroline Flint, Julie Elliott and Kevin Hollinrake.

John Stevenson MP

James Airey, Conservative Parliamentary candidate in Westmorland and Lonsdale welcomed the appointment, saying: “The success of the Northern Powerhouse initiative is vital for the future of our country and for the people of South Lakeland.”

“John is an excellent and well-respected Parliamentarian and his appointment will no doubt be welcomed as much by my colleagues from other parties as it is by me.”

“Representation to Government from South Lakeland on this critical issue has demonstrably lacked decisive influence from our MP.”

“My Conservative colleague, Ben Berry, recently hosted a meeting with the Government’s Tourism Minister where the importance of the tourism economy was recognised. Now, with John’s appointment, local people can hope to have a greater voice at the heart of this important Government initiative.”

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