New railcards slashing fares for a generation in South Lakeland welcomed

News that the Conservative Government is introducing a brand-new railcard, which will halve all rail fares for 16 and 17-year-olds in South Lakeland has been welcomed by councillor James Airey, the Conservative group leader on Cumbria County Council

The railcard will give 16-17 year olds 50 per cent off all fares from September including season tickets and peak services, and will provide a real boost for young people and their parents in South Lakeland with many saving thousands a year.

The Conservative Government is also launching an industry led 26-30 year old railcard, giving this age group in South Lakeland a fairer deal in their commute to work by cutting a third off their rail fares.

On top of this, the Government is launching a review to transform Britain’s railways, improve services and provide better value for money for passengers.

Commenting, councillor James Airey said: “I am delighted by the announcements which will provide a genuine boost for hardworking families and young people in South Lakeland.

“Thanks to our balanced approach to the economy the Conservatives in Government have been able to invest more in the vital public services we all rely on whilst helping people with the cost of living, so they can keep more of what they earn.”

• We are introducing a brand new 16 and 17-year-old railcard to halve rail travel for this age group, benefitting young people and their families across the country. The rail card extends half-price child rail fares to 16 and 17-year-olds – for all ticket types – benefitting 1.2 million young people.

• We are rolling out an industry-led 26-30 rail card to cut a third off most rail tickets, giving this age group a fairer deal as they commute to work. This will benefit an extra 3 million young people.

• Launching a review to transform Britain’s railways to improve services and provide better value for money for passengers. Our expert panel will make recommendations to improve the current franchising model in terms of reliability, delivering better services and value for money for passengers (DfT, News story, 20 September 2018, link).

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