Residents describe Windermere Ferry plight

The plight of local residents affected by the ongoing suspension of the Windermere Ferry service is being highlighted today by a leading South Lakes councillor.

Councillor James Airey held meetings this week with residents in Hawkshead and other communities who have been left stranded since the loss of the Lake Windermere crossing at the end of May.

Councillor Airey met wheelchair user Jean Crosbie from Hawkshead who cannot drive far and says the loss of the Ferry makes it more difficult to attend hospital appointments, go shopping and take part in sailing activities for people with disabilities which are run from the other side of the lake.

A couple from Far Sawrey also met councillor Airey to describe how the continued suspension of the Lake Windermere service is affecting them. Ken Bennett, who has impaired vision, and his wife Patti explained how the loss of the council-run service makes it harder to attend optician and dental appointments.

Councillor James Airey said: “The loss of the Windermere Ferry service means residents on the western side of Lake Windermere have to make a 45-minute detour to reach services on the other side.

“For older people like Ken and Patti and people with disabilities like Jean, this is more than an inconvenience.

“The Ferry has now been marooned for three months and Cumbria County Council have said it could be a further two months before the service is back up and running.

“This is unacceptable for residents who rely on the Ferry for access to essential service.”

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