A Six Point Plan for a Better South Lakes

James Airey, a Parliamentary Candidate who really understands this area, has an exciting vision for
the South Lakes. And you are at the heart of that vision.

Announcing his Six Point Plan, James Airey said: “I’m committed to making a difference for you. Only a Conservative MP working with Theresa May can make a success of Brexit for our area.”

Here’s just a few of the benefits for you, your family and your community a vote for James Airey on 8 June will secure:

  • James wants a new Northern Relief Road to reduce diesel trucks polluting Kendal.
  • James Airey is committed to safety improvements on the A590 and met Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, earlier this month to get support for his plans.
  • James that millions of Government funding, given to the Lib Dem County Council back in January 2016, is used to fix bridges still damaged after Storm Desmond, address road defects and improve rural transport.
  • James will ensure that new laws to tackle dangerous drivers on roads like the A65 and A684 are enforced.
  • James is championing small affordable housing developments, in consultation with residents, to ensure historic family links remain at the heart of our communities.
  • James’s plans for investment in leisure will bring benefits for locals and tourists, and increase wages for locals.
  • James will also see that £2billion of new social care funding is used to give our elderly the support they need.

1) Better roads, safer cycle routes and improved public transport
2) Supporting existing business and championing future start ups
3) World-class facilities for locals, strengthening our offer for visitors
4) Protecting our local NHS. Investing in local social care
5) More homes for local people
6) Ensure young people get the training they need to succeed

Only a Conservative MP will give you a strong voice at the heart of a Conservative Government.

On 8 June, Vote for a candidate that can stand with Theresa May and Deliver a Better Britain.
Vote Conservative.

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